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My family and I are in complete distraught over the lies, misrepresentation and financial burden Sapphire Resorts have caused us! Sapphire doesnt provide many details about how credit protection works on its website, but it can potentially be a valuable service to clients who are concerned about the impact their timeshare will have on their credit score. Handing over the deed means that the owner no longer has a legal right to the timeshare. Many of the reviews state that the company was able to help them cancel their timeshare. Already have an account? until resolved to the claimant's satisfaction. Complaint against Sapphire Resorts - Starpoint Resort Group, E. Warm Springs Rd., SuiteLas Vegas, Nevada, As of Augustthere don't seem to be any lawsuits filed against Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation. Misrepresentation and deceptive sales tactics, Read full review of Sapphire Resorts and 1 comment. The company claims to have more than two decades of combined timeshare experience. When a company says its licensed, it can really mean anything. I'm like ya of course I'll take it!and this was the outcome.>>I also was at the presentation today 03/23/2017 and we were pressured into signing the contract. Users should contact professional legal In some cases, dissatisfied consumers and consumer agencies sue timeshare exit companies for false advertising or misleading claims. Click here to get notifications about new complaints of Sapphire Resorts. It will remain posted This claim has posted for public comment and negotiation. Then i called back in 2x's to try and get a manager to review the last call i had. It also works with people who have a mortgage on their timeshare. Susan, Request help from a resolution, Submit and complete Timeshare companies are notorious for pressuring people into buying. The company also works with people who have mortgages on their timeshare. Share your photos and videos with others to prove the truth of your words. I just found when calling the reservation to book my Hawaii vacation and they told me I only have a lousy 5,000 credit my 33,000 credit will kick in after 2 years. Bob, Request help from Being licensed, bonded and insured might sound impressive but it is really the bare minimum of what a company should be. I was annoyed by all the bell ringing and loud obnoxious voices. Request a free trial Technology for the way you work best PitchBook desktop Our award-winning software gives you access to our data and the analytical tools you need to get answers fast, discover promising opportunities and more. I also have over 15,000 points and for the last three years I have never been able to book vacation plan or get any of my free trips that they offered cuz nothing was ever bailable should have known should have could have would have. With a large enough group of claimants, we could put a ton of pressure on these guys. I also got scammed in 2019 on Fremont street, promised and showed so much everything looked legit and I was so wrong, looking back everything was rushed and people were plants asking questions and paying for the stuff telling us it was a good deal and how there other timeshares were horrible and we got suckered in to this. Although its based in the U.S., it will work with international timeshare owners. It all depends. Please help us. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. It might not be Sapphire's fault because a lot of other timeshares use RCI inventory. My husband and I were scammed with their exit program after we refused to buy an expensive timeshare. Talk to your lawyer about this. Resolution Sought Phaatima, Request help from You can never book any vacations, nothing is ever available. Jockey Club Resort Management has taken the liberty of forwarding these concerns and request to Sapphire Resorts Management to review. Keith, Request help from But is it too good to be true? No one will call you back and if you have fallen for this scam I would contact an attorney as consumer sales fraud is illegal. Salespeople love to belittle you and it can seriously backfire. Lyon is France's third-largest city and a major tourist destination. If there is a class action lawsuit, please sign us up. Post your case online and get help from legal professionals, industry experts, consumers & advocates competing to find the best resolution to your claim. Did you make SURE that your contract was cancelled? Sapphire has one two-star review on the site. Sapphire does pretty well at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). proposed settlement, suggesting et pharetra. Sonya, Request help from Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation doesnt seem to be picky about the clients it works with. I agree, we were lied about this timeshare. It will remain posted until resolved to the claimant's satisfaction. The salespeople mostly make implications and exaggerations.Two of my sales people casually mentioned how much cheaper they bought into the timeshare a few years prior. Real Estate Agent In The Sacramento California Area. Great! Does anybody else know what else to do???? resolution process free of charge or choose premium options that may help resolve Along with the reviews posted on third-party sites, the company also shares client testimonials on its own site. Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation is a family-owned company but the firm doesnt reveal details about its owners identity on its website. The company has been highly rated by the BBB and has scores of positive reviews across the internet. The client does have the right to refuse the extension, though. Very familiar stories. Where is Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation located? Sapphire is also vague about its ownership and background. No room availability. The representative misled us and fabricated the whole meeting. Our desired outcome would be our money back and the scam of a company shut down once, and for all. Stay away. Sophia, Request help from facilitates peer-to-peer negotiation and resolution and crowdsourced input on issues Visit Place St. Andr, the heart of the city's historic quarter. Uncomfortable, Request help from Well, if they don't put notes on your account, calls are not recorded. Would you like to suggest how this case should be resolved? Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation seems to have a good reputation online, with only a handful of negative reviews. Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation Qualifications: Who does Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation Work With? i also tried to transfer and use my points when a Friend wanted to go on a vacation. Ratama, Request help from If they are considering doing business with the company, consumers can use this indicator to forecast the likelihood of having their issues addressed if a problem arises. After getting through on the phone, everything. So I read her the bad review that had her name in it and all these bad things to say and all she said was "I'm not thing to sell you anything you can walk out of here and say no" and that we did!! PeopleClaim is not A complete waste of money. Some detail the process used by Sapphire, how long it took and how much they paid. Nice escape. Its been 2.5 years and I have never been to Hawaii. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Said we qualify for upgrade not telling us it would be more yearly. We have asked them for the proper steps we should take to cancel our contract. Required fields are marked *. Tyler Pals I screw up I bought one trying to figure how to get out of it. Click Here to Reset. The ONE time we stayed in the resort, they almost did not allow us to go to a room when we arrived in the resort in Las Vegas after we had flown across the country! Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation seems to be a legit timeshare exit firm. And he even threw in a paid trip to Disney and a paid trip to the Bahamas!! Write reviews, ask and respond to questions, Amount in Dispute: $0.00 This all proved to be false within the first year of owning it. A look at the companys Proof of Performance page reveals that it occasionally helps people get out of their timeshares using a deed in lieu of foreclosure. lets start with Customer Service. The reason for our purchase was to have the freedom of travel and no blackout dates. Final Verdict: Is Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation a Legit Timeshare Exit Firm? There are many footpaths for hiking and trekking, many routes for cycling tours (over 32 tours in all) and 10 mountain biking centres. This was an opportunity to waste 2 hours on the phone as the representative said that my points didnt cover my friend that I wanted to help with a vacation, it had to be in my name. We'll notify claimant and Sapphire of your feedback. Walter and I are fed up with how we have been handled as owners of Sapphire Resorts. Better Business Bureau Rating of Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation. Thats especially the case when work with a timeshare exit or cancellation company, as your credit could be hurt or you could end up paying a lot for nothing if things dont work out. I get the run around and it appears as if all they told me to get me to buy turned out to be misleading. Thank yor all very much. Despite stating we were not interested, they continued a more aggressive closer. When a timeshare owner needs to get out of their timeshare, they often want some reassurance that the company they work with will really help them. Misstating the specs of the timeshare unit including square footage, quality and amenities associated with the property. Also, as a former real estate agent who was given a presentation about selling about a timeshare, I know that the pay-off to developers is enormous - multiply out the cost of one week's ownership x 50-52 and then add in 50-52 x the 'maintenance' fee. This tactic was highly tactical. Sapphire Resorts - Starpoint Resort Group. 235 E. Warm Springs Rd., Suite 107, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119-4253, United States. It also means that they no longer have any responsibility for it. For the golfer, seven 18 hole golf courses and nine 9 hole golf courses await. your profile. Totally worthless. They were unlawfully denied government warnings and advisories, mandated by laws that they never even knew existed, said John Abrams, the Lead Attorney at The Timeshare Law Firm, that has used these laws as the number one cause of action in all cases since 2004. Everyone has the exact same story yet this company is being allowed to still cause economic hardship, stress and harassment of phone calls for payment. In 2016 the Rhne-Alpes rgion was joined with the rgion of Auvergne to form the new administrative entity of Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes. It also claims to charge a single flat fee and to have a money-back guarantee. It bases its fees on the individual timeshare owners situation, not on how much a person might owe on their timeshare mortgage. Use the slider to rate fairness of the claimant's terms of settlement. He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1996. (1,000). ", "If there is a class action lawsuit against sapphire please let me know because it all sounds familiar, honestly me and my wife just keep making the payments and keep going on trips but its funny how every time we call to set up a trip, something has changed or isnt what we thought and its just constant bs. In some cases, dissatisfied consumers and consumer agencies sue timeshare exit companies for false advertising or misleading claims. He also taught others the basics of investing in real estate. I felt dumb. Write reviews, ask and respond to questions, Click the Solution button. Irene, Request help from How do we go ablut joining this lawsuit. Having insurance means that another third party, in this case, an insurance company, will cover the cost of damages. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sapphire Resorts provides luxury accommodations in some of the most desired vacation destinations around the world. Your suggestion will be sent to both parties and will post on the claim. Would love to get together to figure out a claim shading them and get our money back or get out of this. Accompanying some of the testimonials are letters and legal documents demonstrating that the company was able to cancel timeshares for satisfied clients. Is it easy through the BBB Southern Nevada? I am still waiting to hear from a supervisor concerning my situation and instead they have sold or transferred my account to another company. Said we didn't have the membership that includes using your points at anytime yet that was not told to us when we originally bought membership. An escrow option would help put clients minds at ease that the company will only benefit and get paid if it does what it set out to do. Amount in Dispute: $25,000.00 40 Years In Business. First, the company has a full 12 months to cancel the clients timeshare contract. Login to participate on the website. euismod fermentum. Cheryl, Request help from Complaint Resolution Index (CRI) Explained. Since Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation stresses that it uses consumer protection laws to help clients get free of their timeshares, its likely that the company will ask clients about their experience during the sign-up and purchase process. Timeshare cancellation can take several forms. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation. Law Student in Los Angeles, CA looking forward to helping solve people's issues. The company promises to assist customers in the cancelation of a timeshare deed or contract and to protect the customers credit, if necessary. I have video footage of with salesperson giving false information concerning contract fees and deliverables. Timeshares try to follow proper selling rules and would rarely outright lie. Would you be willing to assist in this efforts? Would like the opportunity to be able to actually use the services but nothing is ever available. Many timeshare cancellation companies, like Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation, promise to get them out. ", "Im interested please message me", "Good Morning - My wife and I was scammed as well and would like to know and interested in obtaining information on how to cancel our contract with Sapphire Resorts. This is a trap for tourist. get quotes and more. Your email address will not be published. I went in the off season and had to choose a week other than the one I wanted for my anniversary because of points issues. S. Las Vegas, Nevada USA Phone: 702-968-0805 Web: Category: Public Relations Sapphire Resorts Group, Inc. Starpoint Resort Group, Inc. ,Las Vegas, Nevada Geoholiday Resorts ,Las Vegas, Nevada Mike Muldoon ,Owner Cell: 702-358-3495 Email: BEWARE OF FRAUD! People dont even realize that their rights were violated. GEO Holiday, also known as Sapphire, misrepresented themselves when they sold me their timeshare and has been completely unhelpful ever since. TO: ALL CURRENT AND FORMER COMMISSIONS-ONLY FRONTLINE TIMESHARE SALESPEOPLE ., COMTEX_426679679/2456/2023-03-15T11:00:17. Peter, Request help from They have a tier system so many other people and other timeshares have access to book before you. Sapphire offers a money-back guarantee, but only if certain conditions are met, such as the contract expiring and not being renewed before the company releases the client from a timeshare. The customer service department is a joke and so are the free trips they give you. Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation makes a few other claims that seem to set it apart from its competitors. It looks as though the business does what it can to help clients cancel their timeshares. and one "knows-about" topic. Copyright 2023 MarketWatch, Inc. All rights reserved. Who books a vacation only 30 days out?!?!? After using multiple security services, we have determined that the Sapphire Resorts website is safe for users. Learn how. They lied about benefits and value of Jockey Club and the lack of value of our other timeshare (deeded). I could go on for days but please, if there is actually a class action lawsuit now or in the future someone pleas email me at Still, this was false and it has been incredibly difficult to use. Misrepresentation of the stipulations of exchange of usage rights to a timeshare of a specific location for those of another timeshare in a different location. Misrepresented the membership by saying we could go anywhere at anytime. I laughed and my husband said the high interest finance is a joke. Here's what to do: Read the case (left side of page). 1 (opinions to this review) Timeshare 1 (opinions to this review) Sapphire Resorts alternatives Radisson Hotels MEDIA CONTACT: One feature many timeshare exit companies have in common is that they tend to be vague about their process or how things work. If you were just buying it for your own vacation, then that's a puzzler. Sapphire takes pride in charging its clients a flat fee. Disputes shouldn't end up in either court or acrimony. Paul, Request help from We were trying to book a trip to FL this past June and were literally told that they only had ONE room in the whole place we were looking at. vs. Vercy Tax Ste 200 17748 Sky Park Cir Irvine Ca 92614-4473, S.E. If he said you COULD rent your week and you were allowed in the contract to do that then you might be able to deduct the costs from your taxes. Paid them $17,500 on Sep 27, 2021 and was told that they'd negotiate on my behalf to get out of timeshare. Timeshare presentations often gloss over or omit this fact. how do you file a claim against Sapphire? a law firm and does not provide legal services, opinions, or advice. We have not been able to take any trips using our timeshare. Thier sale is a total scam! Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation is quick to point out that Lucas and his law firm represent the timeshare cancellation company, not Sapphires individual clients. The resort has time to respond, during which Sapphire continues to build a case in favor of the client. Our desired outcome would be our money back and the scam of a company shut down once, and for all, Misrepresentation and deception of citizens and unlawful acts by this company. As I have explained to them several times now, their availability is so poor I can't use it, no one wants to take it over, and I cannot trust them to ever visit one of their locations ever again. As with any timeshare exit company, though, its a good idea to proceed with caution before paying Sapphire or agreeing to work with it. the Question or Comment tabs or Reply links if you're asking something or making Former ATIP Intern, occasional contributor and moderator, S/W Developer At Ruhi Consultancy Services, Arbitrator, Mediator, With MBA, Master Of Dispute Resolution & Real Estate Broker License. Login. Is there a problem with this press release? Get it in writing!!!!!! Pros and Cons of Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation. They offered to instruct us in the renting of the property and did no such thing.

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